Month: April 2014


the last time I took pictures with so many birthday cakes in front of me was at my kindergarten 方方樂趣幼兒園! wow ! longgggg time ago !...

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E: Cakes


kakaka so happy so many gifts 🙂 from relatives — green tea mochi la, homemade banana cake la, & benefits make up gift set! kakaka 🙂...

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P: Gifts


Umm…. is it really so good ? I am still not a big fan ! well the chocolate was great , not particularly font of scones or pastries. For that pri...

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E: High Tea Peninsula Hotel


made for myself this morning for this special date! haha I was being so stingy with sugar and honey that i really should call this honey steamed bread...

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C: Honey Steamed Cake


haha still hungry after an expensive tempura meal in causeway bay! thanks prince for the yummy dinner! I felt so loved that I decided to make u a bowl...

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c: Late Night


It’s just crazy long waiting lines especially in HK. Even 咖啡弄 in Taipei also a line but before the shop opens waiting for the first around...

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E: 咖啡弄… 排長龍?


It’s not difficult at all, quite fun trying to make it into shapes and definitely beats the boring bowl of white rice! Hehe....

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C: Rice Ball