這是EC以前給了我一塊生了病的葉, 鼓勵我試試種,雖然營養可能不夠,還是很開心從一塊葉長到現在這樣!...

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P: Plant


hehe nice to be home , china Airlines has pretty good food even for this one hour flight....

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P: Back Home


Haha not that I want to get it, just thought it’s quite thoughtful to offer this, to be honest if for me id rather buy than ask for it , but any...

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P: Free Stuff


haha bought a lot of junk at NTD 39 each approx HKD 10, happier than clicking Taobao, more satisfaction! kekeke. See what we bought, junk junk junk ...

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P: Shopping Spree


it’s clean hotel with friendly staff here in Kaohsiung, but i must say that some of the settings are a bit weird ! The air conditioner’s t...

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P: Weird Hotel