Jan 20,2016 幾星期前,我夢見 Jezza 豬, 她變了 (肥) 小貓天使,一直守護在我身邊,開心活潑。 也夢見 Mango & Nana...

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B: Jezza Dreams 


Originally I thought this game is super tedious until one day someone saw it on CNN and decided to install it on my phone … ever since then it b...

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B: Collect Flurries

Cat Map

looks like those from professional comics books? kekeke This actually is the map from Cat Homing Day back in Nov 2014 from HKCats 🙂...

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B: Cat Map


Finally we managed to get him out to the bare hallway. She went back home today. She was really scared and tried to scratch Ken when he tried to feed ...

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B: Tamagotchi goes home


hi dear, what are you trying to say to us? on the video we could see her throat moving just like talking, in a pretty body curve! Keke....

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B: Special Visitor


Like the original foster mom describes , we can feed her but can’t stoke her, what best to describe her besides tamagotchi? haha. Last night we ...

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B: She is Tamagotchi


Temporarily fostering this cat for several weeks! She has been hiding… wonder when she’d finally come out and let us pad her? Foster Hong ...

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B: Foster Cat