Month: January 2015


Temporarily fostering this cat for several weeks! She has been hiding… wonder when she’d finally come out and let us pad her? Foster Hong ...

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B: Foster Cat


我對紫跑鞋同呢度張地毯好 match 啊! 有無人認得呢度係邊度?哈哈! Wow randomly found out my purple mizuno running shoes mat...

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B: Matching Carpet


New Year Resolution 2015: Run Run Run ! Our goal is to run in different cities with our Mizuno ! Yay ! Distance doesn’t matter ! Kekekeke...

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B: Mizuno


Looking hard for gas station and by accident entered the cargo village , and this is what we got ! No visitor allowed inside the Atlantis so we took p...

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B: Misc Dubai


Light meal next to the waterfall before heading to the airport. The Belgium waffle here is really good....

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B: Cafe Bateel


We arrived at Courtyard for our last 2 nights. They had no room for us at 4:30pm and I found spider on our bed and dirt marks on towels. quite frustra...

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B: Hotel & Malls Malls Dubai


Islamic Art Museum Very cool map ! Heavy duty ! Very good red pepper chips and very good, super good fig dessert. Facebook! haha the top of the banner...

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B: Doha & Dubai


Last dinner 2014 At the Egyptian restaurant at The Pearl, Doha, we had some interesting food for the first time. The red pepper cheese dip , the bread...

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B: Last dinner in 2014