Month: December 2014


Wow that’s how we spend our holiday in Doha. So 4 hours hea in hotel including breakfast, and then went out finally at 1pm, walked around slight...

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B: Hea in Doha


It costs UAE 55 to fill a small 4-door Toyota Yaris gas tank (32 liters) and costs UAE 39 for a 10 minute taxi ride from terminal 3 to terminal 2! Wow...

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B: From Abu Dhabi to Doha


Wow, it costs less than HKD 100 (AED 46) to fill a gas tank here! No wonder the country is so rich! haha wish I had a receipt to post. (Comparison to ...

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B: Day Trip Al Ain


Mosque Being a super Hea tourist, besides non-stop eating + mall-hopping, the only “main” tourist thing we did today was visit the Sheikh ...

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B: Abu Dhabi Day 1


haha saw this at Dusit Thani hotel, at Abu dhabi! Christmas color tea bags! haha, just my crazy imaginations! Oh Christmas TEA! Oh Christmas TEA! let&...

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B: Christmas Tea


wow, they still have these comfort sticker thingy on Emirates A380! this wake me up for duty free thing is one option I will almost never use , haha !...

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B: Dubai More & Random


Haha, I found this Tips & Reminder list from our 2010 renovation: Subject: Mistakes not to repeat on Renovation: – Cabinet Rails need to be...

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B: Renovation 2010