this blueberry pancake is made with buckwheat instead of flour made it more healthy. not sweet at all so you can still top it with your favorite syrup...

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C: Buckwheat Blueberry Pancake


I wanted to use up the pancakes in my fridge, and wanted something healthy, with fruits, yet tired of using frozen berries… Flipping through Chr...

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C: Apple Pie Pancake 


Thanks for this easy recipe from my friend, i’ve made it many times by now, don’t have a good photo mainly because i’m still explori...

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R: French style Crepes


Thanks to Facebook, I found this really good recipe. Have looked at different versions, and this remains the easiest and tested to taste really good t...

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R: Outback Bread


Perfect and healthy way of topping the pancakes and waffles. Of course it’s also good to mix with some fresh berries on top. Recipe: 1 cup mixed...

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R: Berries Sauce Topping


Found this waffle that can be made the morning (no need overnight proofing which is perfect). The portion is also just right for 2 people, i will defi...

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R: Easy, Light & Crispy Waffle