We arrived at Courtyard for our last 2 nights. They had no room for us at 4:30pm and I found spider on our bed and dirt marks on towels. quite frustra...

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B: Hotel & Malls Malls Dubai


Wow, it costs less than HKD 100 (AED 46) to fill a gas tank here! No wonder the country is so rich! haha wish I had a receipt to post. (Comparison to ...

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B: Day Trip Al Ain


haha spent one hour and not bad la. fried tofu was the most difficult especially when trying to dry the tofu slices....

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C: Vegan Dinner


We went to Prince Edward CNY flower market tonight and bought a pot of 水仙, paid a small extra for a nicer pot, with quite a lot of buds, but at th...

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P: Shady Lady