Haha, I found this Tips & Reminder list from our 2010 renovation:

Subject: Mistakes not to repeat on Renovation:
– Cabinet Rails need to be the metal ones (not plastic ball)
– Kitchen handle in a bar, so we can hang towels
– Drawer need to inform See Fu the “front covering” for example to have a lower opening to show what’s inside, how we want for both sides, etc, otherwise, all will have tall rectangular shape sides and front covers like those used in a dorm room.
– Tiles will not have the same color – even if they look to have the same color when you buy it
– Need to have more specifications for cabinet door details – door knob, door opening
– Old door frame can only be painted
– Hardwood floor and floor tiles have different heights -> can only order doors when you are sure you are using hardwood floor or tiles
– Always check all the 橫樑 “登” and try to 拉平 on the ceiling or curtain cover, etc

And then I also found this drawing, 手稿 from prince, haha.


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