Author: Porky Bun


Jan 20,2016 幾星期前,我夢見 Jezza 豬, 她變了 (肥) 小貓天使,一直守護在我身邊,開心活潑。 也夢見 Mango & Nana...

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B: Jezza Dreams 


There are so many places serving crepes just like curry fish ball and egglette in HK.  Tried many places , and so far my favorite is from this cr...

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E: Paris Good Eat – Crepes


So so so healthy and yummy that is unbelievable !  國慶留係屋企整 Pizza!第一次整,下次再試下揉薄D個餅底!滿足! Here ...

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C: Home Baked Pizza


love this espresso (brewed espresso) brownie chips, it is crispy like the edges, and with the espresso taste, so good. 🙂   Here is the recipe,...

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C: Espresso Brownie Chips