I was browsing through some old draft message in my outlook, and saw this, hahaha. Some of them I’ve no idea what they are anymore, for example: 脆脆水果燕麥布丁, so I started looking at my “cooking mama” facebook album and found them, haha, some looks good, but some are quite terrible. So that means my cooking improved over the past 4 years la, kekeek.

Subject: My Cooking Adventure Menu

May 11:
– 粟米豆腐羹
– 茄汁燴彩色螺絲意粉配雞胸肉, 三色椒, 番茄和 Portobello 大香菇
May 12:
– 清炒蘑菇豬肉
– 番茄湯米線
– 唐生菜番茄湯
May 16:
– 洋蔥雞粒伴娃娃菜
– 番茄娃娃菜湯通心粉
May 17:
– 粟米斑塊
– 紅蘿蔔蘋果紅棗水
May 18:
– 火腿芝士番茄多士
May 19:
– 火腿芝士煎蛋捲配番茄多士
May 20:
– 燕麥洋蔥炒蛋白椰菜包, 配火腿番茄三文治
May 21:
– 蔥爆瑤柱菜飯
– 煎魚柳
May 22:
– 洋蔥瑤柱炒雞絲
– 廈門炒米粉
May 23:
– 脆脆水果燕麥布丁



corn fish


onion diced chicken


xiamen noodles


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