Gwiyomi Clip Art / Gwiyomi Cartoon

Gwiyomi ~ how did it become so so popular? This Gwiyomi clip art (yes just my silly Gwiyomi drawing) shows one of my favorite moves of the dance, it&#...

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D: Gwiyomi Gwiyomi

Jamming with my ukulele

Started learning Ukulele with ukuemily earlier this year and totally fell in love with it. I enjoy every part of it, especially when I’m singing...

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D: Jamming w/ Ukulele

加快速度好嗎? 哈哈!

當高鐵以時速每小時 304 公里從虎門車站往深圳北方前進的同時,我邊聽著容祖兒的「加大力度好嗎」心裡不自覺...

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P: 加快速度好嗎