I found the original recipe from 無奶油甜鹹餅乾, 低卡小糖也好吃!

I love this recipe, butter free, low sugar and egg free, and a couple notes for myself, perfect portion also:

  • Pastry Flour: 90 g
  • Coco: 10 g
  • Light Muscavado sugar (basically very fine brown sugar works): 10g
  • Salt: little (make sure really little, or will taste it from the cookies)
  • Dark Chcolate: 40 g
  • Oil: 2 TBS
  • Water: 1 TBS (around 13.4 g corn oil)


  1. Melt chocolate & oil together
  2. Mix well all dry ingredients, break all clumps
  3. Add (1) to (2), mix until a bit moisture, then add water, continue mix (do not over mix or press into a dough, once shape up then ok, not bread making)
  4. Roll to 4mm thickness, with help of chop sticks to monitor equal thickness
  5. 160 C for 18 minutes


  1. Careful do not press it into a hard dough
  2. Row it with 4mm chopsticks on both sides to remain consistency on thickness
  3. The most simple is just cut it in triangular shape (rather than using the mold as it becomes harder after a while)
  4. Really has no sweet taste if use dark chocolate…
  5. Avoid burning it, bake 160 C (original 170 C) for about 18 minutes (original 20 mins)

I’m sure you’ll like this no butter, no egg chocolate cookies 🙂 Super Healthy and no guilt cookies !


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