This is really good rice burger… especially if you have left over rice… Everything about this recipe is perfect, thanks to Masa’s for such a brilliant dish from Masa 在廚房遇見, I will definitely make this again.

Here is the link to the original recipe:

Rice Patty:

白飯 (overnight rice) : first put in polybag, squeeze it, and then use a metal “fried egg” ring, brush oil around, and press the rice until firm. Add more rice to make a thicker patty, won’t break as easily and have a more soft chewy center.

Oil: If add a lot it will brown and become quite crispy.

Soy Sauce: after patty fried on both side and shaped, brush some “clay pot rice soy sauce” on both side to add taste.

Marinate Beef (good for 120 – 150g beef)
醬油:味淋:清酒=1 tsp each + 1/4 tsp brown sugar + 1/4 tsp each of 蒜頭 & ,薑 (very important)

Marinate for about 5 minutes, pour the whole thing to the wok and fry.

Finally add some Lettuce in between the rice burger, done !




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