My sister’s birthday and she loves mango cakes from Maxim…. and she requested for her birthday Mango cakes.

I searched, and seems the only version without having to make a sponge cake base is either mango cheesecake, or mango moose cake.

At the end, for simplicity, I used Christine’s Mango Cheesecake (no bake) recipe, and added a jelly top from Carol’s book.

Christine’s Marie Biscuit based + cheesecake filling :

Carol’s 鮮芒慕斯 :


I used a 6″ springform pan, but forgot to line the sides with parchment paper, and so the etches came out a bit rough.

** Remember to line the round base & the sides , i forgot the sides this time… 🙁 **


Biscuit Base

This came out rather firm, haven’t taste it yet, but at least it didn’t break when i was trying to transport the cake to a container.


  • 120 gm Marie biscuits
  • 70 gm butter, melted

Use blender (nuts mold) to ground, and then take it out, mix with melted butter until sand like, the press hard.

When pressing, start with the edges, and then the center, and lightly scrap off the loose one from the sides and press it in again.

Cheesecake Filling

  • 250 gm cream cheese block, room temperature
  • 55 gm caster sugar
  • 150 ml thickened cream
  • 2 tsp gelatine powder
  • 30 ml hot water
  • mango – diced it into cubes and adding in between the cream cheese filling (please near the sides)


Mix Gelatine and hot water in a small bowl over hot water until dissolves. (use a larger bowl to fold in 1/4 cup of cream cheese mixture afterwards)

Use electric mixer to beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth and creamy.

Fold in the thickened cream. (mix well before pour, or the top is watery and bottom creamy)

Stir ¼ cup of the cream cheese mixture into the gelatine mixture, then mix all remaining mixture

Mango Jelly Top 

  • 300 g Mango puree
  • 20 g sugar (if mango not sweet, can add more)
  • 14 g Gelatin leaf  (about 6 sheets)

Heat Mango puree with sugar, remove from heat, add softened gelatin sheets, mix well, cool down in a bowl of cold water.

Then add 1 TBS lemon juice , and add to “already firmed in fridge” cheesecake filling

—    Tasted  —

To reduce the costs (spent hkd 90 for 3 mangoes), next time will just do a Robinson mango jello on top, and since it’s clear can even add a few slices of mango under the jello. 
The homemade mango jello tasted a bit like mango pudding but seems to waste the mango as really can’t tell that it’s made of fresh mangoes. 
The biscuit base is a bit soft I think mainly because it has absorbed the moisture from the cheese filling. 
Both cheese filling and jello are quite firm so easy to transport, personally I find no bake cheesecake is a bit stuffy compare to the baked version. If I do cheesecake again will opt for the bake version probably.



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