Always a big fan of Masa.

Found this matcha from Masa 在廚房遇見, didn’t meant to make it into cupcakes but I have some spare biscuit base from cheesecake… so, I gave it a try.

Surprise the green tea taste so so so good ! Even my mom who doesn’t like matcha taste still enjoyed it. Umm taste as good as haagendazs matcha ice cream, or I should say, even better!

The mixture before putting in fridge is quite watery, not sure if that is correct. It doenst affect the taste and we still love it.

Next time want to use cake base instead of biscuit base but worry the watery mixture will soak it too wet. Umm…

Anyways this matcha moose definitely can keep for future reference , here is Masa’s link:

  • Gelatin leaf : 5g
  • Milk: 200cc
  • Matcha: 10g
  • Sugar: 50g
  • Whipping cream: 100cc
  • Chocolate decorations

Highly recommend this recipe.

Oh… someone commented my cupcakes look like the aliens from toy story.. hahah

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