I don’t like those frozen dumplings because it either contains too much fatty meat, or too much sodium, etc.

Here is a fusion of Chinese and Japanese style dumpling, with bell pepper, corn and pork as the main ingredients, and i used a store bought Japanese style dumpling skin.

It takes some practice to wrap it, but after making a few, it becomes so easy, and to cook it?

Heat oil in a coated pan, fried the bottom for a bit, then add some water (not too much or the whole dumpling will get very soggy), and cover with lid until water dries up.

Serve 🙂

PS: After dicing the bell pepper & corn, I soaked it in salt water and rinse it afterwards, just to try to take out the water inside the veggies, esp from the frozen corn. I didn’t even marinate the minced pork, it tasted just great and refreshing, perfect for a healthy breakfast. Low Fat and healthy dumpling.



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