I have tried several matcha receipt but most of the times are either too green, too bitter and just not right.

Followed this version and it turned out acceptable, at least it’s enjoyable eating the loaf.

Here is the link to the original receipt, http://www.lamashania.com/2010/01/blog-post_14.html

Bread machine: I used 750g mode and take out about 10 minutes earlier


  • Bread Flour 高筋麵粉  x   250 g
  • Instead Yeast 酵母粉     x   3 g
  • Milk 鮮奶 x 170 g
  • Salt 鹽     x 2 g
  • Sugar 砂糖  x      30 g
  • Butter 無鹽奶油     15 g (add after formation of dough)
  • Matcha Tea Powder 抹茶粉 x   5 g
  • Red Bean Paste 紅豆餡     x 60 g

I was lazy so all I did was mix the red bean in when the machine beeps, needless to say, all beans got mashed, but it was ok to blend in the flavor as well, not may not look so good on photos without the actual red beans, ah well.

I made my own red bean paste too, but using rice cooker, just add sugar and cook for a few times, until soft, then it’s ready.

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