Found online Misss B’s recipe for steamed banana cake in Rice Cooker:

My first time “steaming/ baking” cake with a rice cooker, and amazingly it works pretty well, even though for health reasons, I cut down to 30g butter & just 2 tbs of sugar, and also skipped baking powder because I didn’t have it at home.

The cake still came out nice taste really good. I admit that it looks really flat compare to how it should be, and I think that has a lot to do with my changing the ingredients, yet I’m happy really really happy to have this recipe, and I really really enjoy my ugly looking yet tasty banana cake, keke.

Next time I’d try the bake method just to compare.

PS: I used Panasonic rice cooker, and it turns to “warm” mode every 10 – 15 mins average. 🙂

Remark: Miss B just told me I can use a small tsp of condensed milk as substitute to baking powder, which would act as cake emulsifier to lighten up the cake. Can’t wait to try again. Keke.


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