porky chef


this is a little bit of an adventure because i don’t have enough banana, i cut the recipe in half, and had to estimate the baking time, etc. in ...

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C: Banana Muffin


first time making lemon cheese cake thanks for the recipe from my friend, he is a cheese cake expert. haha. so i made 1 big + 2 smaller ones, and the ...

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C: Ikea Cork Base ?


just found out that if use halogen oven to grill pork chop it will have the Chinese barbecue pork (cha siu) taste and texture ! guess next time I migh...

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C: 豬扒變叉燒?!


Yay ! I bought everything all ingredients ready ! Play time tomorrow night. Hehe 🙂 PS: the person who gave me the recipe told me if I have fresh le...

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C: 準備好啦


Found online Misss B’s recipe for steamed banana cake in Rice Cooker: http://everybodyeatswell.blogspot.hk/2013/03/rice-cooker-cake-4-steamed-mo...

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C: Guilt Free Banana Cake


hehe, made this 秋葵 (okra) dish for my family tonight, everyone loved it and my mom even cleaned the whole plate, and surprisingly, Meri said was g...

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C: 跟李鳳山師父煮秋葵


so happy, been wanting to try this cream of mushroom soup, finally decided to try this recipe by Christine Ho’s (基絲汀) 簡易食譜! love t...

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C: Cream of Mushroom